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It is advisable that students have health insurance while residing or traveling in the United States. The insurance carrier in the student's home country can provide this coverage, or short term health coverage through an American company can be arranged. The School now requires all students to have health insurance. You must show proof of this before starting classes, or we can offer this service for $78/month.

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Exectutive Programs

Platinum Executive 1 Plus - Immersion plus "Live and Learn"
Platinum Executive 1 - Immersion
Gold Executive 2 - Group instruction + Private instruction
Silver Executive 3 - Group instruction (minimum enrolment: 4 weeks)
Executive Private Classes with lessons per week (12 lessons a week minimum)
"Live and Learn" program (10 hours a week)
I am interested in Family Package:

Executive program comments

Junior Winter Program

Junior Winter Program
   add Ski/Snowboard Intensive Package

Intensive English Programs for Students

Platinum Full Immersion Intensive English (minimum enrolment: 1 week)
Gold Intensive English (minimum enrolment: 2 weeks)
Silver mini-group Intensive course (minimum enrolment: 4 weeks)
Academic English Program (minimum enrolment: 1 term)
Student Private Classes with lessons per week (12 lessons a week minimum)

University Placement Service - Undergraduate
University Placement Service - Graduate

Test Preparation

Intensive GRE Preparation (12 weeks)
One-on-one GRE Preparation classes (12 hours package)
One-on-one GRE Preparation classes (36 hours package)

IELTS Preparation (4 weeks)
One-on-one IELTS Preparation classes (12 hours package)
One-on-one IELTS Preparation classes (36 hours package)

Tourist Program

Tourist Program with host family accommodations included
Tourist Program without accommodations

Elective Course Options

Please check the course options which are of most interest to you:

English for Business and Legal English:

Business Correspondence

Telephoning in English

Business Grammar


Business Vocabulary

Making Presentations

Negotiating Skills in English


Business Law

Introduction to Information Technology

English & American Studies:

Reading for Comprehension and Vocabulary

Writing Workshop

American Film Series: American Idioms, Listening and Vocabulary

Current Events and News Stories: Discussion & Debate

News for Now

English Grammar

University Preparation

Presentations and Public Speaking

Conversational English for Everyday Purposes

Are you interested in TOEFL/TOEIC preparation courses?



Program comments:

I have studied English for  Years at a 
(type of school e.g. high school, university, private language school, other)

What is your level of English?
    Zero Beginner


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Apart-Hotel (Homestead Village)

Hotel (Four Points Sheraton)

Host Family

Apartment (for students studying more than 3 months)

Please enter below your accommodation requirements (if any):

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**Without this information, airport pickup services can not be guaranteed. Students opting for Host Family lodging will be picked up and delivered to the airport by their host family provided they arrive or depart on a weekend.

Car Rental

The School offers a limited number of cars for rental to executive students. Please indicate if you would like to rent a car: Yes.     No.
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To:     (Day) (Month) (Year)

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Please note that you may apply online only if you pay the application fee and deposit by credit card.

If you are going to pay by a certified check, money order or by wire transfer, please click here to access a monospaced Application Form, print it out from your browser and send it with your payment by post or by fax (if you make your payment by wire transfer).

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Even if you select a "full payment" option, we will charge the application fee(s) and the tuition deposit at the time of accepting your application and will process the payment of the balance to your credit card only after registering you for the course. Please also note that if you would prefer to pay the balance by credit card (a "full payment" option), a 4.5% convenience payment processing service fee will be included in the invoice. There is no any additional charge when you pay the application fee and the tuition deposit by credit card.
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Part D. Autobiographical Essay.

Please write a brief essay. This essay must contain a short story of your life and experience, and reasons why you wish to study abroad.

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